All the terms and conditions below are designed to ensure that your order is completed accurately.


All written quotes are valid for one month from the date quoted.  Website prices are only a guide and may be subject to change without notice.


To reproduce your logo accurately we require quality finished artwork. The following formats are most acceptable:
 Corel Draw with all fonts embedded or converted to curves – Vector art only (Importing a bitmap object into a Corel or PDF is not acceptable. As the image is not acceptable) We endeavour to match printing and embroidery to PMS Colours but due to the nature of some materials variances may occur.


PREMIUM accepts the following methods of payment for all orders: Bank Transfer, Cheque & POS.

If using direct deposit, please use your order confirmation/invoice number with your business name as your reference.

A 60% deposit is required with your order unless other arrangements have been made

All orders are COD and require a 60% deposit prior to production unless arrangements have been confirmed in writing. If you require an account, an application request form must be completed, terms and acceptance will be confirmed in writing.


To ensure the accuracy of your order, orders will not be processed until a signed order confirmation and artwork approval is returned to PREMIUM. By signing an artwork and order confirmation you accept liability for the approved order/artwork. Once an order is confirmed, a fee will apply for any additional changes. In many cases, changes can not be accepted as the order will be deemed ‘in progress’. Once confirmed and in production an order cannot be cancelled. 


We carry a large selection of garments and ranges both locally made and imported.  Cuts and sizes do vary across these ranges. Please confirm sizing and request size samples if required as we cannot accept claims if the garments do not fit and have been customized with your embroidery and printing.


Delivery time may vary with the complexity of the order. An approximate delivery date will be provided on your confirmation. If you require your order by a specific date, please let your Account Manager know at the time you place your order. We will not accept claims for late delivery unless a date is stated on your order and confirmed in writing with your order confirmation.

We deliver orders using a third-party courier company. If you have a deadline for your order to be received by, please let your Account Manager know at the time you place your order. We will do everything we can to have your order ready prior to your date. Unfortunately, due to the third-party courier we are unable to provide you with an exact delivery date. We can not take responsibility for orders that are delayed or damaged due to the third-party courier.


The Purchaser shall be responsible for inspecting the goods upon delivery to ensure that the goods are those ordered by the Purchaser. All claims for credit for damage, defective or short delivered goods or goods to be returned must be notified to PREMIUM immediately. PREMIUM will not accept claims that are not notified immediately. Unless otherwise agreed, no request for credit will be approved until a representative of PREMIUM has inspected the goods on which the credit is claimed. At all times, the Purchaser is responsible for maintaining proper care of the goods in question. Proper care of the goods includes following the Care Instructions on the garment or product.